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Anatomotor Table

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The Anatomotor has been a trusted leader among treatment tables for nearly 60 years. Amazingly versatile, the Anatomotor is designed for soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat and vibration.

The Anatomotor has a moving top on which the patient glides back and forth just under the normal respiration rate. During this movement, two sets of adjustable-height massage rollers straddle the spine and rhythmically loosen taut muscles. This deep-kneading massage effectively prepares the patient for traction which actually separates the spinal vertebrae.

With theTraction Control Unit, traction is created as the gliding top pulls against the controlled resistance of the traction unit. Traction force is regulated between 0 and 200 pounds and can be applied in several different forms from cervical traction (with theCervical Device / no pressure on the chin) to full lumbo-sacral traction using the traction harnesses. Therapists may treat with constant or intermittent traction.

The Anatomotor is also ideal for applying passive range of motion to arms, shoulders and legs. Available with optional heat, vibration and unique leg rollers which massage the calves and thighs to relax muscles and increase circulation.

  The Anatomotor is available in fixed heights from 22" to 32" and a Variety of colors. A one-year warranty covers all parts (see dealer on-site labor warranty).  

All Anatomotors come with a One-Year warranty on all parts (See dealer on-site labor warranty)



200 Anatomotor complete with semi-pneumatic back rollers, leg rollers, filler block, top pad, two-section pillow, rubber foot pad. Add $40.00 for pre-drilled base and top and special switch if traction should be desired at a later date

200A Traction Accessories - traction control and counter traction units, all brackets, head halter, thoracic, iliac, and leg harnesses $1400.00
100 Anatomotor combines components of Models 200 and 200A $3450.00
100 HTV Deluxe Anatomotor includes all components of Model 100 plus heat and vibration $3650.00
124 Traction Flexion Stool (if ordered with above models) $70.00
134 Cervical Traction Device Total occipital pull. Can be added to Models 100 or 100HTV $225.00


201 Heat (included in Model 100HTV) $100.00
202 Vibration (included in Model 100HTV) $100.00
203 Electric Tilt Top with Foot Pedal Control $400.00
206 Variable Speed - traction pull and rest cycle time can be regulated from 4.5 seconds to 15 seconds. Available only with 24" wide table $460.00
204 3" Thick Foam Top (standard is 1 1/2") $30.00
205 24" Wide Table Top (adds 3" to standard width) $60.00
207 Caster System- casters wheels engage by pressing a pedal $165.00
Top and base of the Anatomotor are upholstered with durable vinyl. Specify height and color when ordering
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