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Digital Three Channnels ECG


Adoption of thermal-array roll or collapsible recording paper wide by 63mm. Manual or Automatic real-time record of electrocardiac waveforms from 3 channels, measurement results and analysis reports.
Through analysis of electrocardiac waveforms with 100 heart beats to test arrhythmia. Compress electrocardiac waveforms collected by records, and output analysis report of R-R interval.
A standard 3–channel mode.
An analysis mode with long duration of R-R interval.
A complete English menu and analysis reports to comply with usage habits of domestic doctors.
Connection with personal computer through RS232 to store ECG waveform information, and output of synchronous electrocardiac waveforms from 12 leads and analysis reports.
Inner digital filter can eliminate AC, myoelectric, and floating-baseline interference. Inner lithium rechargeable battery, which can continuously support operation for more than 60 minutes after complete charging.


Lead Standard 12 leads, Simultaneous Acquisition
Input Circuit Isolated input circuit with protector against pace making and defibrillation
Input Impedance >50MΩ
Input Circuit Current ≤0.1μA
Calibrating Voltage 1mV±3%
Skin Voltage Tolerance ±400mV
Sensitivity 2.5, 5, 10, 20mm/mV,
Filter AC: 50Hz (-20dB); EMG:35~45Hz (-3dB);
DFT: ≤0.45Hz
Paper Speed 25,50mm/s±3%
Time Constant 3.2s (0, +20%)
Noise Level ≤15μVp-p
Frequency Response 0.05~150Hz (-3dB)
CMRR ≥100dB
Sampling Rate 1025ms
A/D Converter 12 bit
Recording Paper Roll: 63mm X 20m (30m)
Zip fold: 63mm X 75mm X 20m
Operation Mode MAN/AUTO
Printer High resolution thermal array printer
Baseline Control Automatic adjustment of array printer
  Automatic elimination of baseline drift
Rhythm Lead At random selection among standard 12 leads
DC Input 10mm/mV±5%; Single ended input ≥ 100kΩ
ECG Output 1V/mV±5%; Single ended input ≥ 100Ω
Safety Level class I, type CF
Power Requirements AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
DC: Built in charger and Li-ion battery Supports continuous operation for more than One hour after completely charged
Dimensions 280mm X 216mm X 66mm
Net weight 2Kgs
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