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Digital Three Channnels ECG


Complete digital design, wave digital filter, automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification, and automatic lead switch.
320 x 240 graphic LCD display.
Patientís information, battery, time, heart rate, electrocardiac waveforms from 12 leads, work module, paper feed speed, amplification, wave filter, paper empty, lead drop-off, and with Chinese operation menu.
Automatic measurement of electrocardiac parameters, and with Chinese analysis report. Waveform records can be taken manually or automatically, and a previous electrocardiac record or report can be copied and stored.
Synchronous acquisition of electrocardiac signals from 12 leads. 1, 1+1 (rhythmic lead), 2, and 3 channel record mode.
A thermal-array recording mode with high resolution is adopted, and electrocardiac waveforms, name of leads, paper feed speeds, amplifications, calibrations, wave filters, dates, patientsí information, IDs, and analysis reports, etc. can be printed
Two types of power supply are available, including AC and DC power supplies, and with inner rechargeable battery and automatic protection circuit. 50 electrocardiograms can be taken. The equipment will automatically shut down, if there is no operation for 5 minutes.

Standard Accessories

Patient Cable,Thermal Printing Paper, Limb Electrodes, Chest Electrodes, Power Supply Cable, Grounding Wire.
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