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General Features

Application of high precision thermal array printer to ensure clear ECG waveforms and rich literal interpretations for clinical diagnostic and research purpose.
Application of high speed thermal paper 63mm width to record ECG waveforms, measured parameters and optional diagnostic reports.
Synchronously acquisition of 12-lead ECG waveforms provides reliable data for diagnostic purpose.
Application of digital isolation technology ensures safety and reliability of the device. The influence of temperature/time drift is reduced to the lowest and guarantees the adaptability to environment.
Digital signal processing of drift control, AC filter, EMG filter and heart measurement ensures the reality and reliability of signal processing.
Auto measurement and optional diagnosis of conventional ECG parameters doctor’s burden.
Three printing formats, satisfy any kinds of clinical requirements.
LCD Modual display Menu/Status and 12-lead ECG waveform.
Selectable II and V5 rhythm lead makes it convenient to observe abnormal heart beat rate.
Automatic adjustment of baseline drift controls effectively baseline drift, optimizes printing position and ensures high quality ECG waveforms.
AC and DC power supply, built-in rechargeable battery, recharging circuit, and perfect battery management and protection system.
Strictly follows IEC60601-1 ClassⅠ, type CF safety standard.
Compact and delicate design, friendly menu makes it easy to operate and releases operation strain.

Special Features

With RS232  interface, can be upgraded with software to connect with PC.(optional:12-lead ECG waveform can be transferred to PC, measured, analyzed, stored or printed out on A4 paper)
High quality measurement with precise and consistency analytic results.
ARR analytic report results.
8 copies of patient information can be storied.


Input Circuit Floating

floating, Protection against defibrillator effect
Lead Standard 12 leads
Patient Current Leakage <10μA
Input Impedance ≥50ΜΩ
Calibrating Voltage 1mV±3%
Drift filter Anti-drift filter
Filter AC,EMG filter
Digital Sampling 18 bits/1000Hz (simultaneously acquisition of 12 leads ECG data)
Frequency Response 0.05Hz~150Hz
Time Constant >3.2seconds
CMRR >60dB
  >100dB (with AC filter)
Sensitivity AUTO2.5, 5, 10, 20mm/mV
Paper Speed 25, 50mm/s, ±3%
Recorder High resolution thermal printer
Input Circuit Current ≤0.1uA
Power Supply AC 110V/220V/85v-265v / 50/60Hz ;30VA
  DC 12V, 1500mA (Built in rechargeable battery)
Noise Level <15μVp-p
Threshold ≤20uV
LCD Display Display menu,operation status and ECG waveform
Dimension 288 x 204x 60mm
Dimension (carton) 380 x300x200mm
Net weight 2.75KGs
Gross Weight 4.5KGs
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