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The Nicolet VersaLab® APM and VersaLab APM2 for Twins

The Nicolet VersaLab APM is a portable, economical antepartum monitor (APM) for performing non-stress tests. It is the smallest and lightest APM available featuring a built-in printer. The VersaLab APM2 system allows you to perform non-stress testing on one or two fetuses simultaneously. Both systems provide the ultimate in portability and convenience. Choose the one that best meets your needs.


Truly Portable

The VersaLab APM/APM2 is the only compact antepartum monitor with a built-in printer. The whole system weighs less than 5 pounds, and can be battery or line operated for the ultimate in portability and convenience. It is easily moved between exam rooms, satellite clinics, or taken to remote settings which makes it ideal for clinicians who do in-home monitoring

Integrated Printer

The integrated printer in the VersaLab APM/APM2 provides an immediate, real time print-out of the non-stress test so there is no waiting for results. Other portable systems require a separate printer. The VersaLab APM/APM2 lets you avoid the hassle of locating a printer to interpret the exam after the fact.

Documentation for Reimbursement

The VersaLab APM/APM2 provides on-the-spot documentation of the non-stress test exam. The comprehensive documentation is clear, easy to interpret, aids in reimbursement, allows for placement in the patient's chart and makes repeat follow-up tests easier to compare.

Numeric or Graphic Display: Your Choice

You can choose whether the display screen on the VersaLab APM shows the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) and Toco readouts as large numbers or a graph trended over time. Choose whichever is easiest for you because the printout will always show the test information in a simple to read graph.

VersaLab APM2 display screen automatically switches from a single display when one Doppler probe is in use for a single fetus, to a to a dual display mode when two probes are used for simultaneous monitoring of twins. All of the information is color-coded making it simple for the clinician to see and interpret the data.


VersaLab APM/APM2 for non-stress testing is value-packed and offers the following great features.

  • Easy to set-up and simple to operate
  • Lightweight, battery or line-operated for greater portability
  • Built-in printer for reimbursement documentation
  • Sensitive Dopplers and uterine activity indicator for the most accurate results possible
  • Configurable alarms for more personalized testing
  • Separate patient and clinician event markers for easier interpretation
  • Large display for easy viewing
  • Increase versatility with adjustable tilt-stand for wall mounting or desktop use
  • Designed for durability and long life

Nicolet VersaLab® APM and VersaLab APM2 Technical Specifications

31cm. x 23 cm. x 7.3 cm. (12.2 x 9.1 x 2.9 in.)
Weight 1.9 kg. (4.1 lb.)
Doppler Technology Continuous Wave (CW) unfocused, 2 MHz probe
Continuous Wave (CW) unfocused, 1.8 MHz probe
Battery Type 7.2V NiMH, 6x4/5A, rechargeable
Full Charge life 3 hours
Battery Recharge Time 3 hours
Graphic Display 320 x 240 pixel color or b/w
Printer Thermal, 104mm print width, 832 dots, 8 dots/mm
Printer Paper Roll, 112 mm wide, thermal (Catalog #A350)
Print Speed 1 cm/minute, 2 cm/minute and 3 cm/minute
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