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Cadence II Fetal Monitor

Large display
6 Inch LCD folding screen displays waveforms and digitals simultaneously

Powerful Memory
12 hours of memory for patient data can be reloaded

Built-in Rechargeable battery for 4 hours continuous work

Cadence ii Fetal Monitor Specifications

Physical Dimensions: 330mm x270mm x 100mm
Characteristics Weight: 3.5kg or so
Comply with: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2
Anti-electric Shock Type: Class I equipment without internal power supply
Anti-electric Shock Degree: FHR1, FHR2, TOCO, MARK, FS
Working System: Continuous running equipment
Power Supply
Working Voltage: 100V-24V AC
Line Frequency: 50/60Hz
Pmax = 60VA
Fuse: T1.6AL
Temperature: 5C-40C
Relative Humidity: 80%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86KPa-106KPa
Display LED display ( Cadence )
LED display ( Cadence II)
Record Paper: Z-fold, thermal paper
Printing Width: 112mm Effective Printing Width: 104mm
Paper Printing Speed: 1cm /min, 2cm/min, and 3cm/min
FHR/DECG Printout Width: 7cm (USA standard ) /8cm (international standard)
FHR/DECG Scaling: 30BPM/cm (USA standard ) /20BPM/cm (international standard)
TOCO/IUP Printout Width: 3.4cm (USA standard ) /2.4cm (international standard)
TOCO/IUP Scaling: 25%/0.85cm (USA standard ) /25%/0.6cm (international standard)
Data Accuracy: 5% ( X axis ), + 1% ( Y axix )
Record Message: Date, time, TOCO type, paper speed, FHR type, bed No., etc.
Signal Interface RS485/RS232 interface
Technique: Pulsed Doppler and autocorrelation
FHR Range: 50bpm-210pm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 2bpm
Technique: Peak-peak detection technique
FHR Range: 50bpm -210bpm (international standard)
30bpm-240bpm ( USA standard )
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 1bpm
Input Impedance: 10 M ( differential, dc to 50/ 60/Hz )
Input Impedance: 20M ( Common mode )
CMRR: 110dB
Internal IUP  
Pressure Range (IUP): 0mmHg-100mmHg
Sensitivity: 5u V/V/mmHg
Non-linear Error: 1mmHg
Resolution: 1%
Zero Mode: Automatic Manual
External TOCO  
TOCO Range: 0%-100%, 135g strenght corresponding to 100%
Sensitivity: 3.7uV/V/mmHg
Npm-linear Error: 10%
Resolution: 1%
Zero Mode: Automatic/ Manual
Technique: Pulsed Doppler ultrasound
Range: 0%- 100%
Resolution: 1%
Gain Control: Manual / Automatic ( Cadence II only )
  Manual fetal movement mark
  Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery ( Cadence II only )
Nominal Capacity: 600mAh
Charge Mode: Constant current /constant voltage
Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
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