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Standard Features

  • High resolution 6.4” (diagonally) colour TFT display
  • Optional Capnography
  • Built-in dual channel thermal array recorder
  • User selectable screen formats
  • 24 hours data storage facility in tabular and graphical mode with zoom facility and separate tabular trend for strong of 240 NIBP readings
  • Displays NIBP measurement. SpO2 values. PR, plethysmograph along with perfusion bar indicator
  • Graded and color coded audio / visual alarms
  • Programmable Arrhythmia package
  • Cautery and defibrillator protection
  • Comprehensive patient data entry
  • Demo mode for training the staff
  • External battery jack (12V) for car battery – Transport application
  • Facility for interface to an external Slave monitor
      • Remote display (optional)
  • Can be mounted on bed rail (Transport application)

Technical Specificatiion

Dimension and Weight
Dimension 192 X 245 X 250 X mm (H X W X D)
Gross Weight 6.5 kg. with in-built batteries, Capnography and recorder.
Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
Oscillometric principle, Display of systolic, Diastolic & Mean pressure
Modes:                                                Manual, STAT (5min Continous), Automatic (interval 2 min. to 90 min.)  

20 to 255mmHg

Alarm limits: Selectable for systolic and Diastolic
Range: 20-250+mmHg
Accuracy: +/-3 mmHg
3/5 Lead ECG Monitoring
Automatic detection of 3 or 5 lead ECG cable. Display of I, II, III with 3-lead cable and I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, and V with 5-lead cable. In built cautery and defibrillator protection.
HR range: 20 to 270 bpm, ST segment analysis possible
Accuracy: 2 bpm or 2% whichever is greater


Impedance pneumography principle (when sourced from ECG cable). Display of respiration waveform with respiration rate.
Respiration range: 4 to 150 bpm
User selectable apnea alarm delay: 5 – 90sec. (steps of 5 sec.)
Capnography (optional)

Side stream Copnography with display of CO2 waveform and digital values of EtCO2 and FiCO2. CO2 gets priority for calculating respiration rate. Gain 20, 40, 60 & 80 mmHg.

Flow rate: 140 ml/min.(+20 / -10) CO2 measurement is possible in mmHg / Kpa / VoI%
EtCO2 range: 0 – 80 mmHg
Resolution: +/- 1mm Hg RR Range 0 – 150 bpm
Apnea alarm delay: 30 sec
Temperature range: 120C to 430C
Unit: Centigrade or Fahrenheit
Probe: YSI compatible

Pulse Oximetry

Pitch variation with change in oxygen saturation.

SpO2 range:

0 – 100% Display of pulse strength, plethysmograph, PR and  SpO2 Values.


100 to 70 % (+/- 2 digits), 69 to 50 % (+/- 3 digits), 49  to 0 % (unspecified)
Accuracy in neonatal monitoring 100 to 70% (+/- 3 digits)

Modes: Normal and Fast response

Low 50-95%
High 55-100%

Alarms setting for all parameters
Patient alarm: RED flashing with audio and message indicator
Equipment alarm: YELLOW flashing with audio and message indictor. Alarm auto-set facility provided.
Alarms (cont.)
Alarm suspend:

Continuous YELLOW Auto setting alarm for HR/PR, SpO2, EtCO2, RR, Temp

Manual settings: HR/PR, SpO2, Dia, RR, TEMP, EtCO2
24 hr. of Graphical and Tabular trend for HR/PR, Sp02, EtCO2, ST, Respiration & Temperature.
NIBP trend: Last 128 readings (tabular)
Alarm Recall: Last 16 alarm events with date, time and message. 2hr. zoom for graphical trends with mark, record and print facility.

Optional in-built dual channel thermal recorder for recording two waveform (selectable) with numerical data and alarm status.

NIBP and tabular trend recording with patient information.
Direct / delayed / Continuous modes of recording.
Record On Alarm facility (selectable).
Power Supply
Universal power supply: 95-265V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power ratings: 70 Watt
Battery type: 12V, 1.2Ah lead acid
Operating time: 60 min. for fully charged battery (with full load &       NIBP auto mode 2 mins. Interval & recorder on for 2 mins.)
Charging time: 90% charge in 4 hr. for fully discharged battery
External Battery: 12V DC input
(640 x 480 pixels) RGB compatible with (CRT / TFT – LCD)
Trace Speed

12.5, 25 or 50 mm/sec for ECG and SpO2

6.25, 12.5 or 25 mm/sec for Respiration and EtCO2
Optical Encoder
Rapid access to all the functions and parameter settings through single knob. Quick action hot keys for Alarm mute, NIBP Start/stop, Recorder On/Off, Freeze and return to the main screen.
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